Film Production & Video Production

All about film and video production.

Films or videos are produced for cinema, advertising, television or for the Internet. Here, the phases are divided in development, pre-production, shooting, post-production and film distribution.

Film & Video Productions - a first overview

Film and video productions appear anywhere in the world in an economic, social, political and artistic context. In this case, a variety of techniques can be used. There are game, animation, documentary, or other long-playing films. Videos often rotate in conjunction with music. The artistic field of film production includes, for example, camera, set design, costume, mask effects, sound and editing. The director is in charge of the artistic management and the overall processes.

The first phase is the project development. Here ideas for the movie or the video are concepted, the script is written and the film financing gets closed. In the pre-production, preparations are made for the shooting, actors and film crew are hired, locations are selected and the film sets get established. During the shooting of the actual film, recordings are conducted. During the post production phase, the recorded material, sound, visual effects and music are mixed together to the final film. For the film distribution, the film or video will then be posted on appropriate media. A plurality of artists are involved in the entire production.

Video art is an art form that uses the projection as a medium of artistic expression. Here, the artist works with video technology. Video art can appear in the form of a space-based video installation, or the video can be part of a room installation. Good videos and movies fascinate and entertain us around the world. Swap you in the community with other film and video producers, get to know new contacts and do not miss a trend in the video and film industry!