Magic & Artistry

All about artistry & sorcery.

Artistry & sorcery is performed in circuses and variety shows around the world. Artists  and magicians use special physical and mental abilities as means of expression.

Artistry & Magic - a first overview

Predators and elephants no longer have the highest priority in the circus ring. Meanwhile, especially artists and magicians draw attention to their breathtaking performances and capture the audience´s imagination. Whether acrobats, jugglers, contortionists, rope artists, trapeze artists, magicians, illusionists or mentalists - they all need a large dose of strength, willpower, skill and precision in their performance.

Artists always move close to the edge. The thrill is obvious. Artistry is the art of vaudeville and circus performers. "Artists" are true artists. The French language for example makes no difference between artists and artists - they are both called "artiste". Great Magicians usually separate from a circus or cabaret group and perform solo. There are now also contests that crown the best illusionists. Vaudeville-species such as the Cirque du Soleil were just enjoying great popularity in recent years, while here artistry & sorcery are merged par excellence.

Acrobatics make high demands on physical and conditional skills. Spectacular performances at high altitude are included as well as dynamic floor performances, juggling or dance performances. Moreover, the secrets of great magic tricks are to be remained well protected. Dive down to the community with other magicians or illusionists, learn from new contacts from the artistry scene and read the magazine with the latest trends in artistry and wizardry!