Singing & Songwriting

All about singing and composing songs.

The musical use of the human voice is the oldest and most primitive form of people´s expression. Singing covers a wide range of tonal and musical varieties.

Singing & Songwriting - a first overview

Singing and songwriting is based on an appropriate time, a corresponding culture or a particular style of music. Here, the song is fundamentally different by a larger spectrum of sound compared to speaking. The voice training plays a major role in singing. Often songs are written by a composer. The composer creates the style, harmony, melody and rhythm of these works. Songwriting has its own methods that are practiced while composing.

Lick, Reef, Break, Fill, Stop and Hookline are elements of songwriting. They serve as a recognition value for the listener. The divided parts of a song are the stanza, bridge, chorus and sometimes middle 8. Middle 8 describes a harmonically or rhythmically new part in a song. In addition, there are the songs´ intros and outros to compose. Singing belongs to the culture of all times and peoples and can accompany all life situations. Whether ritual singing, children's songs, vocals or singing as entertainment, is sung at any time. Singers like Michael Jackson or Madonna are modern idols for the people and their songs are often copied.

A composer and songwriter has traditionally been an author of musical notations. The composer is the creator of a musical work, which is referred to as instrumental music without text and with text for singers and vocal music. Singing can be pursued with love of music as a hobby, or with an extraordinary voice and good vocal techniques you can become a pro. Join the community with other singers and songwriters, get in touch with new contacts and do not miss any future performances of your favourite artists!