George Lucas

Star Wars creator gets the Tender in Los Angeles - George Lucas is building a Museum!

He took the last hurdle. The museum of Star Wars inventor George Lucas can be built in Los Angeles. After the cities of San Francisco and Chicago were drawn up the shortlist, the star director has now decided to go for the film metropolis.

On Tuesday, the City Council of Los Angeles approved the construction of the long-planned "Lucas Museum of Narrative Art". This was an "incredible gift" of the famous director to the city, said the acting mayor Eric Garcetti in an official message.

The decision was not easy. He and his wife, who is also a driving force behind the project, chose the other possible sites. Their discussion was to choose either way Lucas´ hometown San Francisco or her hometown of Chicago. Now, however, the museum is to be built on the Exposition Park site in Los Angeles.

Ma Yansong, signed in at the architectural office MAD Architects, is the architect of the museum. The Chinese is known for his futuristic designs and has already won all international prizes. The cost of the project of about a billion dollars will be financed out of Lucas's own pocket.

The core of the art collection is to come from the private ownership of the director. George Lucas has been interested in painting, drawing and comics since his childhood and in the years of the digital age increasingly in digital art.

A small group of paintings by Edgar Degas, Winslow Homer and Pierre-Auguste Renoir is to be shown alongside illustrations for magazines, posters and children's books developed by artists such as Maxfield Parrish, Arthur Rackham, Beatrix Potter, Frank Adams and Norman Rockwell. In addition, a series of film set designs, costumes and storyboards are exhibited.