Digital Design

Anything about designing digital media.

Digital design is understood as the creation, development and control of digital media. Here, for example graphic design, web design, augmented reality and other virtual forms of expression enter the stages.

Digital Design - a first overview

Web design influences the appearance on the Internet. The visual perception of websites is basically dependent on the laws of visual communication. The graphical design of a website influences the information acquisition of the users tremendously. Web typography and colour schemes are just a subfield of digital designs. Designers also need to take a careful precise look at technical aspects and implementations in the digital space and across media.

Digital design includes the digital creation of brochures, advertisements and web design. Moreoften, digital design is considered as interface design, which deals with the design of user interfaces between man and machine. Objective and creative process here is to provide the user a positive user experience when interacting with digital media. Digital designers are constantly seeking solutions to represent digital services with high interactivity usability-friendly. In this context, Photoshop as an integral part of the Adobe Creative Suite is the top dog across the image processing industry. About 90% of all professional designers use this software.

Digital image art is a computer generated art. It is mainly displayed on two-dimensional media such as websites, print or projections. It can develop vicariousnesses and continuations of traditional art styles digitally, or for example, 3D art is presented to illustrate virtual spaces using a 3D software. Check in to the community joining other digital designers, get to know new contacts and do not miss a trend in the field of digital design!