Cooking Art

All about the joy of pleasure out of the kitchen.

Cooking is one of the oldest cultural techniques of humanity. It includes a wide facet of food preparation methods such as cooking itself, baking, roasting or grilling.

Cooking Art - A first Overview

Chemical reactions have always been providing cooking its meaning. Here, mineral substances are mixed and many different flavors result. Meat and fruit were given an easier digestibility by cooking and the food supply has grown enormously since human beeings cook. The preservation of food was made possible by cooking. Since our denture was reduced in its size by cooked food, even human speech changed significantly.

Today, cuisine is defined by a fine selection and purchasing of ingredients, preparation for cooking, provision of kitchen appliances and utensils, and ultimately appealing to the eye service of foods. Here all countries and regions have their own styles, dishes and cooking habits.  In this context Auguste Escoffier published his book “Guide Culinaire“ in 1903 , which is regarded as the formal basis of the cuisine of the 20th century. Modern kitchens, such as the molecular gastronomy, physical processes and chemical reactions influencing the art of cooking increasingly enjoy great popularity.

Cooking cultures thrive on the art and techniques to prepare groceries to eatable food for humans. Life and food are closely interrelated from time immemorial. In this section, the culinary art is to be introduced in its full range. From the birth of culinary art, its development up to today's valid standards. Experience the culinary culture in a new way - check the community, get to know new contacts and read the latest trends related to cooking in the art magazine!

  • Korean Street Food

    Korean street food is a popular type of Korean cuisine that is offered on the streets and markets of the country. It is a simple but tasty way of eating that includes many different types of dishes.