DJing, LJing, MCing & VJing

All about the art of DJs, LJs, MCs and VJs.

While a disc jockey plays music, the light jockey creates light shows. The master of ceremony can be seen as a moderator of an event, while the visual jockey produces animations in real time.

DJing, LJing, MCing & VJing - a first overview

Oftentimes, a DJ performance is supported with visual activities of light jockeys or visual jockeys. You can distinguish the activity fields of a DJs in pop DJs, event DJs, DJ teams, DJs of specific genres, as well as DJs of turntablism and hip-hop, DJs on the radio, resident DJs and unresident DJs. The light jockey creates lighting effects, whereby she or he uses light controller or lighting consoles. Unlike the light jockey, the visual jockey primarily produces video animations in 2D or 3D.

The MC can be regarded as a moderator of an event in the area of drum and bass, hardcore and sometimes techno. She or he supports the music of DJs by matching rhymes with the sound texts performing rhythmically to the music. Furthermore MCing is a central part of hip-hop culture. The core competencies of DJs, LJs, VJs and MCs are out in the technical field especially in generating an atmosphere through things such as creativity and artistic talent. More important are musical empathy, sense of rhythm, a sense of colour and knowledge of musical styles and the unwritten rules of the club and pub scene. DJs, LJs, VJs & MCs provide the right mood for parties of all kinds.

A club night without visual accompaniment to the music is almost unthinkable. Many clubs in the world have the light panel permanently installed in their premises. Although there arcurrently no real study courses with the certificate DJ, LJ, MC or VJ, the scene is pleased to again welcome upcoming talents. Share your productions in the community with other DJs, LJs, VJs, MCs or, get to know new contacts and do not miss a trend in the club scenes globally!