Yoko Ono & John Lennon

Fifty Shades of Gray Producer works on a Love Film

They were probably the most famous couple in pop history. Yoko Ono and John Lennon decisively influenced the peace movement in the 1960s and 1970s. Now, 36 years after the assassination of John Lennon, a film about the love story of the two is beeing produced.

For this film, 83-year-old Yoko Ono pulled of producer Michael De Luca ("Fifty Shades of Gray", "The Social Network") and author Anthony McCarten ("The Discovery of Infinity"), so the industry portals "Deadline.com" and "Hollywood Reporter"

According to De Luca, "the most important topics around love, courage and activism" are thematised in the film. The goal is "to inspire young people to work for the world they want."

So far, this is the only information known about the film. Nothing has been published so far regarding possible casts and the production kick-off for the still untitled film.

Yoko Ono was married with the Beatle musician John Lennon from 1969 to Lennon's murder in December 1980. Yoko Ono was previously a sought-after actress and musician who had established her reputation in the Fluxus movement. In 1966, they got to know each other at Ono's own exhibition. Quite soon, they divorced from their previous partners and married in Gibraltar.

In the following years, they recorded a series of avant-garde albums. The first common work of the couple "Unfinished music no. 1: Two Virgins” is in good memory, for which the two unsheathed.

1971 marked a turning point in the life of Ono and Lennon. Yoko Ono's daughter Kyoko from her first marriage was kidnapped by her father, Anthony Cox. Her disappearance lasted until 1998. After this occurrence, the couple moved from the UK to the US. Here, a series of albums and actions evolved due to various political problems, with which the couple repeatedly appeared in the public. In 1973, they moved to the New York Dakota Building, where Yoko Ono again lives today. After the common son Sean Taro Ono Lennon was born in 1975, the couple retired from public for a five-year family break. However, in 1980, the comeback plans of the famous couple were suddenly crossed. John Lennon was shot in front of his own frontdoor.