The X-Files

The Files go for a Stroll

For many fans, it's a dream - eight years after the last film and 23 years after the start of the original series Fox Mulder and Dana Scully come back on television in a new edition of The X-Files. The X-Files have reopened, the truth is still out there. And so the conspiracy fan and the scientific skeptic investigate further. We are happy about it and from this specific occasion, we look at the beginnings of the successful series from the 90's – in particular for those who just now tune in.

When the X-Files started in autumn 1993, there was not such a series on TV. A mixture of mystery and thriller, science fiction and horror, always gloomy, yet with humor. Some fans see a precursor in David Lynch series "Twin Peaks", as the actor David Duchovny here plays a DEA agent. Moreover, other actors from The X-Files had previously played in Twin Peaks.

The two FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigate cases that are in the range of the paranormal. Aliens, UFOs, monsters, legends beings, curses - these are all criminal cases of the X-Files. Thereby, Fox Mulder as possessed by the supernatural and by conspiracy. This is mainly due to his his sister Samantha. When disappeared mysteriously when she was eight years old. After many years, Mulder is sure: She was abducted by aliens. The drive to find his sister is Mulder's motivation to prove the existence of aliens. His colleague Dana Scully, however, is a forensic scientist and particularly believes in rational explanations.

While it turned out in series nine, that there was more than just sizzling noises between Mulder and Scully, the liaison already was history to the start of the new episodes of the 10th series. Scully gave their child William up for adoption in the old episodes. For security reasons, to protect the child.

There are many "old" characters back on board in the new series. We see again "the smoker" or also "cancer patient". He is supposed to be the mastermind of conspiracy, as he is also Mulder's biological father. Although he died in the last X-Files episode in 2002, he is shown in the trailers for the new edition. Perhaps his death was just a diversionary tactic?

And also the former boss of Mulder and Scully - Skinner – is in on it again. He is the one who leads the two together again in their first new case. The two are actually no longer with the FBI. Scully is back in a hospital as a doctor and Mulder has withdrawn in a forest hut for years. Skinner makes them aware of a young woman who claims to have been abducted by aliens and to carry alien DNA in herself. A confrontation with the past begins - the X-Files are reopened. We are curious how it goes with the successful series from the 90s and now lean back week after week in front of the TV.

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