For the first Time in History - Harrelson shows: The Live Cinema

Eventually, modern technology will make it possible to find a conceptually new approach regarding the development of filmmaking. A film shot in real-time will be shown in the cinemas at the beginning of next year.

The premiere of the film "Lost in London" will take place on 19th January 2017. The film is the first in the history shot in real-time. That means the viewers coming to the cinema will see what happened on the screen at the moment of the recording. The unusual concept of the film is the idea of ​​the American actor Woody Harrelson. This is his debut as a director. The practice of image transmission at theatre productions in cinemas already existed. Now, however, the director presents a work shooted with 30 actors in 14 areas of London. There are 1.5 hours for the turning operation. Harrelson acts as a director and as an actor.

Woody Harrelson, winner of the Emmy Award, two-time nominee for the Oscar and four nominees for the Golden Globe, was born in Texas in 1961. His childhood was not easy, since his father had a strange job ... assassin. Charles Harrelson got twice lifelong for the murder of a federal judge.

As a child, Woody did not stand out because of good behaviour, and sometimes he got into trouble. He had to attend several schools. Who knows the way the man would have chosen if he´d not arrived at the Academy of Drama in Hanover, Indiana? This has provided him great opportunities for his development.

The actor gave his debut in the TV series "Cheers". This was the future of television those days. However, Woody decided to go for the film. His first notable work was the film "Wild Cats", 1986, where he played a character named Krushinski. Then for some time, fame for the actor stayed away.

He became famous again for his title role in the film "The People vs. Larry Flynt", for which he was nominated for the Oscar as the Best Male Actor in 1997. The film "No Country for Old Men" again drew attention to Harrelson. The modern youth knows the actor through his role in the film "The Tribute of Panem - The Hunger Games".