Music Production & Live-Acts

All about live acts and sound design.

A live act is a real-time production beeing performed live in front of an audience. In sound design, you work with sounds and noises in a creative way

Live-Acts & Sounddesign - a first overview

A live act is considered as a musical live performance in electronic music. In contrast to a concert, in the context of live-acting the computer or sequencer is to control various devices in action such as a synthesizer or a drum machine. Application fields of sound design in addition to music, films, audio plays and broadcast media can be increasingly found on newer areas such as multimedia applications or computer games. Here, technical processes have increased enormously.

The “live“ element in the electronic context is determined by the modulation of individual sounds and the change of the programmed setup by setting loops, by fading in and out single tracks on the mixer and by the combination of programmed elements. In the post-production of films, sound design is also needed. Here, all acoustic elements and sound effects are developed. In the radio, the sound design department is responsible for the technical sound and the production of jingles, trailers and transitions. Furthermore, the corporate sound as the audible part of the corporate overall design concept is of great importance for bigger enterprises.

With the right sound design and bespoke music, sound production can touch the listener subconsciously and enrich with attributes such as stress, relaxation, dynamics, speed, mysticism or massiveness. Therefore, the choice of the melody, the harmonies of sound body and finally the selection of the appropriate instrumentation is of crucial importance. Meet & mingle in the community with other live acts and sound designers, get to know new contacts and do not miss a trend in the sound design scene!