Decoration & Installations

All about the art of decoration and installation

Ornate decorations and installations can be seen in the craft sense, such as in the context of interior decorations and in the profession of interior decorator, or in installation art as a visual art.

Decorations & Installations - a first overview

The artistic elements of interior design are decorative arts. It is a segment of applied arts and relates to arts and crafts. The Jugendstil in particular had strong influence on decorative arts at end of the 19th century. Its ornamental and floral motifs inspired the art scene. On the other side, installations are three-dimensional art creations in interior and exterior spaces. Art historians consider the first installations as interior designs.

Installations use many materials, as for example time, light, sound and movement in space. These lead to the light of art, sound art, media art and kinetics. We refer to light art when the use of light sources serves aesthetic purposes. Art results out of sound artworks such as sound sculptures, sound installations, music performances as well as medial artworks. Media art includes digital art and correlates with art forms such as video art or computer art, while kinetics is a form of artistic expression, via which movement attracts attention as an integral aesthetic part of the art object.

Decorative art touches many other artistic styles, from painting over crafts to architecture. Thus, decorative curved lines, two-dimensional floral ornaments and the challenge of symmetries are typical for the Jugenstil and its related art styles. Check the community with other decorators or installers , meet new contacts and read in the magazine with the latest trends in decorative art and installations!