Sculpture Arts & Crafts

All about artistic skills in crafts.

Craft include illuminators, glass painters, glassblowers, engravers, sculptors, gold-and silversmiths, carvers, cabinet makers, wood turners, instrument makers, potters and many others.

Crafts & Sculpting - a first overview

In the 17th century, a segmentation of craftsmen evolved through the development of today´s visual artists such as sculptors. You can distinguish decorative art series productions based on the industrialization in the 18th century, from individual creations of artistically active craftsmen with a high design quality. Sculpting encompasses a specific area in which three-dimensional statuaries based on solids.

Sculpting refers to the production of sculptures and statues. It is one of the oldest fine arts in cultural history. Sculptures are made of materials such as marble, sandstone or wood and plastics from materials such as clay, wax, plaster or metal. The difference with regards to painting is the three-dimensionality of its artworks. The traditional relationship of journeymen with their masters still exists in the crafts scene. There are craft organizations such as Chamber of Crafts, confederations for skilled crafts and associations that have nowadays replaced the old guilds. The key to successful craftsmen lies in creative re-development.

earning and understanding the processes of handcrafted design is the key to amazing results in crafts. A challenging goal is to maintain the traditional standards of the tradition and to support artisans to develop contemporary art and to distribute it in the future. Dive down to the community and meet & mingle with other craftsmen, get to know new contacts and do no longer miss any updates on this topic!