Traditional Design

Everything about traditional design.

Many design solutions have been passed on for generations in certain regions and lovingly cared for. The roots of several designs and patterns often date back centuries in folk art.

Traditional Design - a first overview

If in architecture, in jewelery design or in fashion design - often one hears: “We've always done it!“ The well-planned design and aesthetic shaping of structures are up to mankind for centuries. Similarly, the use of jewelry goes back to the beginnings of mankind. Already 100,000 years ago, people adorned each others with shells. One already found necklaces in the form of collars from the Old Stone Age. Moreover, fashion is also known from antiquity.

Architecture is an essential part of the cultural identity of a society. It is often a representative expression of the respective social and governmental form. Since we are continuously surrounded by buildings and architecture, it can affect the mood and psyche positively and negatively. In jewelry design, there is a distinction according to the styles, e.g. as chains or rings; by function, such as pendants, belt buckles or jewelry watches; by material, such as gold or silver; according to the decorated body part; with regards to the usage, such as stick or piercing jewelry; in view of the occasion, such as bridal jewelry or mourning jewelry or with a focus on the price, such as fashion jewelry.

Traditional design forms are influenced by architecture, jewelry design and fashion design. These design forms have been around for centuries and continue to enjoy great popularity. Inter-exchange in the community with other designers of the traditional art forms! Meet new contacts and read the magazine with a fresh view on the latest trends in traditional designs!