Til Schweiger

One of Germany's most popular Movie Stars in Portrait

Some claim, he´d be the German George Clooney. Actually, he does not want to be this at all. The successful actor, director, screenwriter and producer often rubs people up the wrong way with his viewpoints and fascinates millions of fans at the same time. A portrait.

Til Schweiger grew up as medial out of three brothers in Heuchelheim near Giessen. Descendent from an educator family, he took his high-school diploma and began to study German and medicine, but which he abandoned prematurely. He followed his passion for acting and started a drama training at the Schule des Theaters in Cologne.

He acquired his first role in 1990 as "Jo Zenker" in the ARD television series Lindenstraße. Shortly after his first starring role as "Bertie" in the comedy "Manta Manta" followed. He made his final breakthrough with the film "Der bewegte Mann", followed up shortly afterwards in 1996 by the movie "Männerpension". Already back in the 90s international producers became aware of the German prodigy. The first time he acted in an international production alongside Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson and Greg Wise was in the US thriller "Judas Kiss".

In 1996, together with Thomas Schweiger Zickler and André Hennicke, Schweiger founded the production company "Mr. Brown Entertainment" and produced the movie classic "Knocking on Heaven's Door". In early 2000s, Til Schweiger was booked for several international films, including roles alongside Angelina Jolie in "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life", or in "King Arthur" alongside Keira Knightley.

In his movie "Rabbit Without Ears" published in 2007 Schweiger the first time stood in front of the camera with his four children. He wrote the screenplay for this movie, he directed, he produced the film and he took over the lead role. His other productions "Kokowääh" and "Zweiohrküken" each entertained millions of film enthusiasts in Germany.

Privately, Til Schweiger is a dedicated family person. He has four children: Valentin (*1995), Luna (* 1997), Lilli (*1998) and Emma (*2002). The children originated from the marriage with the former model Dana Carlsen. The couple separated in 2005, but however divorced only in 2014.

Til Schweiger often polarized with his statements. Most recently, the actor appealed for a donation campaign for refugees and announced to rebuild an old casern to a refugee camp. However, this did not happen. Til Schweiger does not give up to engage socially. He founded the "Til Schweiger Foundation" during the wave of refugees in 2015. The foundation's goal is to improve the chances of disadvantaged children and youth from all around the world. Their participation in education and social integration is to be facilitated through the foundation.

Til Schweiger pursues his objectives precisely as ever - and that's a good thing!