Electronic Bands

All about electronic bands and their music.

The use of electronic instruments such as synthesizers, samplers and drum machines is in the foreground at electronic bands.

Electronic Bands - a first overview

Electronic technology is used throughout the pop music spectrum since the 80s. Electronic bands take the opportunity of electronics in the field of sound synthesis and appear there as a fundamental element of music. The German band Kraftwerk created a first blend of simple melodies, electronic sounds and a technology-oriented image in 1974. One of the first fully electronic rehearsed albums was “Oxygene“ by Jean Michel Jarre in 1976.

In the 80s, synthesizer became cheaper and more compact. Manufacturers like ARP Instruments, Korg, Moog or Yamaha produced for a bigger number of musicians. This way, electronic musicians created fresh new sounds and new styles such as electro wave. Synthesizer initially were monophonic and analog. However, more and more polyphonically playable devices and samplers arrived on the market in the mid-1980s. In the 90s, the influence of techno, house and trance music increasingly came to the foreground. Pioneers such as Depeche Mode still produce new albums and numerous talented artists experiment with these technique alongside various genres.

At the end of the 90s, the hitherto often conservative regarded genres of classic rock and folk were projected onto electronic music. Bands like Radiohead or Stereolab processed electronic elements in structures of the classic songwriting and contributed to a re-establishment of electronic music outside of techno and the trance scene. Dive down to the community with other musicians and bands, get to know new contacts and do not miss any updates!