Literary Arts

Interesting facts about literary arts.

The three major genres of literary art are the so-called “Natural Forms“ classified by Goethe: epic, drama and poetry. In the context of dramas, comedy and tragedy are considered as genres.

Literary Arts - a first overview

Epic includes narrative literature in verse or prose form. Short stories, novellas and novels are the most popular epic styles. The main characteristic of drama is, according to Aristotle, the performance of action dialogs. Thus, drama theater or opera is its textual basis. Lyricism refers to literature in verse form meaning poems. Poetry is often used as a synonym for lyricism. Poetry often uses metaphors, is highly structured pertaining to its rhetorics, rhythmised and it is sometimes rhymed.

The modern history of literature begins in the 16th and 17th century with the attempt to compile scientific knowledge in encyclopedias. The printing press invented by Gutenberg accelerated this project. In the 17th century, the so-called “Belles Lettres“ were added, which made histories, novels, memoirs, travelogues and journals accessible to a broader audience. In today's market we call it fiction. In the 18th century, one changed one´s mind back to Aristotle's poetry. Literature has been existing since the dawn of mankind, since the earliest traditions on that were passed on orally. Today, literary criticism defines what should be literature.

Literature is the field on which nearly every aspect of society can be discussed, and is treated up to the classroom. The art in literature is to leave no social group untouched. Literary art is influenced by interactions of literary criticism with the book market, with authors and with the society itself. Take a bath in the community with other authors or interested writers, get to know new contacts, or read in the magazine reviews on the latest publications.