All about the art of acting.

Actors are artists who embody the role of another person with language, facial expressions and gestures. The art is practiced in theater, film and television under the direction of a management.

Dramatic Arts - a first overview

There is no specific date with regards to the origins of acting. However, prehistoric masks were found which indicate a personification. This is attributed to the people´s innate desire of represetation. The playwright and critic Eric Bentley defined acting as: A represents B while C watches it. This makes clear that the performance through the actor has a lot to do with the imagination of the viewer.

We expect from actors to appear seamlessly in their roles. It is the case that illusion should get produced that the embodied person is actually present. Behavior, motivation and inner constitution should possibly be presented in a credible way. It is important that the actor dominates the own mental and emotional state to adapt differing traits, moods and sentiments of the role figure. There are two different approaches regarding acting techniques. Roles in film and television productions are awarded on a competitive process, the casting. If you apply to theaters and musicals, this is your approach.

Acting involves an intensive examination of the represented figure. Since actors work in close cooperation with other actors, other professional personnel such as directors, producers, stage, scene, costume and make-up artists, lighting and sound engineers, cameramen and stagehands, an actor must also come with a high level of social skills. Check the community with other actors, get to know new contacts and do not miss any updates in the magazine!