Martial Arts

All about the skills of martial arts.

Martial arts is understood as skill and aesthetics in direct personal confrontation. The term comes from the Latin “Ars Martialis“ - the art of Mars, the Roman god of war.

Martial arts - a first overview

Traditional martial arts is taught in unarmed and armed disciplines. Modern martial arts, as well as modern interpretations of traditional teachings are practiced with the goal of self-defense. When the victory stands in the foreground, it is a combat sport. In martial arts, the sporty aspect stands in the foreground. Modern martial arts can also be found in certain fields of military trainings and security guards.

Martial arts widely also means self-discovery or self-fulfillment. Here, the practical use of violent forces developed away towards ritual and spiritual practices. Possible goals in the exercise of martial arts are perfectioning of one´s own style, the self-discipline and further intellectual components. Martial arts evolved where people had disputes. Most classical martial arts styles are interconnected to the culture and come with a long tradition. In particular many martial arts styles come from Asia. Asian martial arts is strongly ritualized and connected with philosophical and religious thoughts and actions.

Practicing martial arts requires a high level of discipline. Martial arts strengthens the physiology and the mind. It is used for self-defense and the behavior in real, unregulated hazards or conflict. Any martial arts includes fighting techniques to defeat an opponent. Also weapons are often used. Dive down to the community to other martial artists, get to know new contacts and read the magazine with the latest news from the field of martial arts!