Laurent Garnier

The Man with the Red Face - Techno Legend Laurent Garnier

In the late 80s of the last century in Manchester the last great revolution of pop music was heralded. In the legendary Hacienda club one celebrates on Acid House. Laurent Garnier stands behind the decks and heats the audience in a powerful way. A retrospective.

Born on February 1st, 1966 in Boulogne sur Seine, Garnier was initially educated as a hotel manager. This work also took him to Manchester, where he captured the Acid House-wave and where his passion as a DJ began. In the early 90s Garnier returned to his native France and brought back the House music to the Paris Club "Wake Up", "La Luna", "Palace" and of course, nit to forget, to the "Rex Club". From raves to warehouse parties, from clubs to festivals - Laurent Garnier's meteoric career exploded and he now put his attention to the production of his own tracks. His EP "About de Souffle", a reference to the eponymous Nouvelle Vague classics of Jean Luc Goddard, is now regarded as classics.

After Garnier's FNAC label went bankrupt despite high-profile releases, together with Eric Morand in 1994 he founded the new label F Communications which they operate successfully today together. In addition to numerous underground releases Mr. Oizo even became a worldwide chart success of the label.

Laurent Garnier's sets always contain of an incredible range from Deep House over Disco to harder Detroit techno. In contrast, on his longplayers there are no clear genres to identify. Only in 1995 the first longplayer appeared: "Shot in the Dark".

Then, in 2005, the book "electroshock", which he published with his friend David Brun-Lambert in Hannibal-Verlag appeared. It draws Garnier as one of the most influential protagonists of the House movement from his extensive experience as a DJ and musician: "I tell the story of techno, as I have experienced it. My friend David has interviewed me for a year two days a week, and from all of these sessions, we then wrote the book together. "

Laurent Garnier also cooperates in music with musician friends. In 2006 Garnier once again showed his skills on the turntables. He celebrates techno history in a special way with his compilation "The Kings of Techno". In this case, Carl Craig is at his side.

Laurent Garnier - already a techno legend! He will ongoing inspire us, hopefully for a long time with his skill.

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