Daniel Wang

Disco in the House

Daniel Wang was born in California. Still, he lived eight years of his childhood in Taiwan, before returning to the high school in California. He then completed his education in New York as well as in Chicago and studied linguistics plus literature.

But, Language and Literature were not 100% something for him. In New York, he discovered house music during his forays throughout the clubs. He tried to get DJ bookings during the late 80s with self-mixed tapes. This, unfortunately, did not succeed. In 1993 he founded his own label "Balihu", on which he later has released successful singles. The debut album was "I was a disco Malcontent". Wang next to his own label worked in a record store and a music shop with synthesizers. The Moog and the Theremin at that time had particularly impressed him. He worked extensively with these instruments and you can hear it even today in his productions that he allowed this to be incorporated into his music.

Actually, the disco sound may have experienced some ups and downs. One time, it was totally hip, then out of everyone’s favour again. Italo Disco was developed from the Underground again. And one can experience exactly these influences in the sound of Daniel Wang. He presents the moments of (Italo) Disco reissued with the lilting house sounds that come not at all boring along.

Meanwhile Daniel Wang lives in Berlin, where he always is working on new sounds and from where he travelled to the clubs in the world.