Journeymen Hikers

Greetings from the Middle Ages!

One day they become masters for their topicwa. Their country will be proud of their works. The boys and girls from Germany are on their tramps around the world in search of adventures, cut off from the outside world - without Internet, telephone, friends or acquaintances.

The tradition of journeymen comes from the Middle Ages. Those days, the “Orden der freien Wanderschaft” was founded. This Order was a semi-closed organization that carefully kept its secrets. The purpose of the Order was to bring forth the best masters of their craft all over the world. An apprentice who had completed his apprenticeship in his own craft became a wandering companion for three years, a so-called "journeyman". During his wanderings, he collects knowledge and experience, goes through fire and water - in the end, to become a true master. On his return, the journeyman gets rewarded with acceptance by the elders. Today there are journeymen (about 400 - 500 people) to be found all over the world.

The complex of journeymen is that he is disallowed to use any modern means of communication. He is not allowed to travel by public transport or to use any other route for which he would have to pay. A journeyman may not pay for a room in the hotel. This is the high tradition of the peregrination.

Now you ask me, how does the journeyman move at all? He usually walks! Moreover, they spend the night there, where they find an amiable host who accepts the journeymen. Here, journeymen get food and protection. In return, the journeyman offers his artisan services to the householder. This often means that the journeyman must work hard to survive. It is very easy to recognize a hiker - they wear black hiking costumes made of velvet.

A journeyman cannot stay anywhere longer than three months. In every place stopping over he receives a compliment from the mayor through a mark in his wandering book. Upon return, this book serves as a confirmation of his journeys. By the way - a journeyman may not come closer than 50km on his travels of his homeland.