Sport Acrobatics

The Artistic comprehend in Competition - Sports Acrobatics

Many people are not familiar with this artistic sport at all. However, many artists out there today in TV shows have already started with sports acrobatics as a child. These artists have learned early to demand their body high coordinative and conditional standards.

For non-experienced, it is a fascinating spectacle, when a sports acrobat gets going - flashovers, somersaults, complicated jumps - everything looks so playfully made easy. The sports acrobatics combines both, the acrobatics that performed in circuses, as well as floor exercises and gymnastics.

Internationally, the "Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique" (FIG) and the "Union Europeene de Gymnastique" (LEL) represent sports acrobatics. This international and European gymnastic federation represents among other things, general gymnastics, trampoline, rhythmic gymnastics and sport aerobics.

Sport gymnastics acrobats practice on a twelve by twelve large, sprung floor area. In the competitions, several exercises of the athletes - or should we rather say by the artists – are requested. These are balance exercises, dynamic exercises and combined exercises, which are to be choreographed for up to two and a half minutes accompanied by instrumental music.

Born in 1989 Ukrainian Marina Sakhokiia states one example that sports acrobats dive into the world of vaudeville. The newcomer has already won the European Championships in sports acrobatics twice and enchanted their audience today in different shows on the international stage with her hand-2-hand acrobatics. The first engagement she had with her new performance took place in "Gaudi in Barcelona" program of the Roncalli Apollo variety shows in Dusseldorf. We are excited about future updates from this exceptional artist and from many more of their sports counterparts.

Sports acrobatics at Competitions