Oleg Popow

"Smiling is the most beautiful Thing!" - Oleg Popow – an Epitaph

The world-famous Russian clown Oleg Popov is dead. He died on Wednesday evening at the age of 86 during a tour in the South-Russian Rostow. Apparently, it was a peaceful death that he had simply fallen asleep in the evening while watching TV. We look back at the incredibly funny career of the most popular clown ever.

He was one of the last great personalities among clowns and circus artists. Already as a youth, the Moscow State Circus discovered him. It was not long before he became a star. In the arena, he always embodied the good-natured "Ivanushka". His hallmarks were the scrubby blond hair and the black and white checkered cap. He became the prototype of a freaking clown around the world.

At the age of 14, the native Russian entered the Moscow Circus School. He learned juggling and acrobatics. "Many wanted to be a clown, they thought it was easy to play such a fool. However, when you step into the arena, you are in a fishbowl. This is not an easy thing to do", he said once about his start times. Nevertheless, in the days of the cold war, during which East and West were separated, he soon became an international star. "Smile is the most beautiful thing in the human face. If a person is kind, then you are happy to see him. You should begin with a smile in the morning, and then you live long and healthy. "

After the collapse of the Soviet Union Popov left his home country in 1991, went to Germany and married the German Gabriela Lehmann. The 32-year-old Gabriela learned juggling as well as dancing and later also joined the manege of the world with her husband. They lived together in the Franconian Egloffstein near Nuremberg. Popov traveled a lot and his life goal was always to remember the circus. He won numerous prizes in international guest performances. His travels took him across the USA to Japan and Australia - and repeatedly to Russia. He never turned his back on his home.

Oleg Popow has conjured a smile into the face of millions of people. We thank this unique clown for his impressive work.