Sound Wave Tattoos

Do you want your Darlings´ Voices on your Skin?

It is THE innovation in the tattoo scene: Sound wave tattoos conquer the world. Tattoo artist Nate Siggard from Los Angeles is the expert for this very special style of body art. We introduce the system soundwave tattoos and how it works.

Likewise the voices of your loved ones, baby tones or the barking of the dog – you can perpetuate anything on your skin. This body art is brought to life by the help of an app. The sound wave tattoos are just making the big wave in California.

The inventor of this new trend is Nate Siggard. One day friends of him wanted a tattoo of the sound wave of Elton John´s song "Tiny Dancer". His girlfriend said that it would be much cooler if you could play the sound wave as an extra feature. This way the idea was born.

Nate is a former software developer. He sat down to work and created an app within a few hours, with which one can play the sound waves. His friends put videos of their tattoos into the social web. The videos went viral.

Since then phone lines are running hot in Nate`s tattoo studio in Los Angeles. He founded Skin Motion. You can upload the audio file you want to get on his website. He creates the sound wave based on this file as an image your tattoo artist can sting. Tattoo and sound are beeing linked in the app. Of course, the app does not always re-scan the amplitude of the sound waves. It recognizes the image and plays the audio file. Each sound wave tattoo is unique.

Nate himself has a very personal tattoo on his skin: "I got the voices of my girlfriend Juliana and our daughter. That makes sense, they mean the most to me!" The sound recording for the sound wave tattoo may be up to one minute long. It starts at around 30 euros.

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