Body painting for pregnant Women

When the Baby Tummy becomes an Artwork - Bodypainting for pregnant Women

It is the magic pride of moms. For 9 months, everything revolves around it and the life that is developing inside: the baby tummy. Reason enough for many women to keep it in the course of a compulsive baby pose-photoshooting for eternity. With body colours and a lot of artistic creativity, bodypainting creates a very individual souvenir of pregnancy.

Artistic strokes for moms and their unborn
Either way Disney´s thick Asterix or the mischievously grinning baby, which protrudes behind the painted zipper: Anyone who wants put to put her baby body in a proud and creative way – considers bodypainting. Body art artists, including Lynn Fraser from Scotland, have specialized in the body art of becoming moms. In a preliminary discussion, these can then express their (design) wishes. They can also emphasize in this way, for example, what they want to give their unborn children along the way. In general, a personal touch transforms any belly into a work of art. Whether it is funny, more spiritual or experimental: there is no limit to creativity. Therefore, on the rounded human surfaces fascinating body art arises behind which life conceals itself.

However, the moms will not have to worry about health compatibility. Thus high quality and antiallergenic mineral colours are used, which can be easily wiped away from the bellies with the soap and water again. This very special and undoubtedly unique pampering treatment for mum and her unborn takes approx. two to three hours, during which the women can experience their bodies in harmonious unity.

If this exciting yet simultaneously relaxing form of body art takes place on-site at the body art artist or in the privacy of your home is left to the artists and their human canvases. In any case, a true work of art develops in a soothing atmosphere and in a relaxed sitting or lying position. This for sure also needs to be captured in a professional eternal photo shooting.

And if it is really the thick Asterix, the spiritual tree of life or a completely different motive - for this decision, the parents will have a few months, because the best time for bodypainting is about three to four weeks before the calculated birth date.