Alice Phoebe Lou

Record Contract - No Thanks!

Her profession is busking. It´s more than just a hobby. During last summer the Warsaw Bridge in Friedrichshain was her second home "[...] no matter how dirty and fucked up it is there." Alice Phoebe Lou stands there and sings. Moreover, about 100 people listen to her. Maybe as many as to any other street musicians here.

Alice`s plan three years ago - at the age of 18 – was, to go out to the world with her guitar. Originally, she comes from Cape Town. In her home always music was playing. Her parents, both documentary filmmakers, much heard from the sixties and seventies, Jimi Hendrix or Rodriguez. This style coined Alice. Today she wears a pair of dreadlocks in her hair, adorned with feathers and beads. At the Waldorf School, her current worldview then was consolidated. She could live as children and juggle with the myriad facets of a human beeing. Therefore, she was a dancer, she already played several instruments and at the age of 16, she was already for two months in Paris. Alice originally wanted to travel throughout Europe and then to study. Somehow, she realized that this regulated life seems to have no value for her – so she just stayed in Berlin!

Her lyrics are about freedom, desires and big dreams. Aggression is nothing for her. "If you do well, you get good back. “It is that simple. Moreover, she regularly enchants people on the street with her voice, with her sound. Some people react stirred, some even embrace her. However, what she does not like at all are pitying glances and phrases such as: "I hope you soon get away from the street."

Of course, some of the big labels already became aware of the exceptional singer. Nevertheless, she refused to date vehemently. For Alice Phoebe Lou would this would be a deal with a devil, that she did not want to take. She calls her thinking "positively-oriented" and "not for profit".

Alice prefers to develop her own thing. She organizes her own concerts, has now launched her own EP and recently produced her first album. For this, she would not like to become the so-called "newest hot shit". However, just she simply wants to continue to produce beautiful and inspiring music. We are excited about what we will hear from her in the future.