Mountain Biking on Mallorca- A Paradise for Mountain Bikers

The season has started again. Moreover, with it the mountain bike trail park on Mallorca that officially opened in 2015. Where holiday planes arrive precisely timed, there is a paradise for mountain bikers.

Just the infrastructure is terrific. Reachable within 2-3 hours from most of the airports in Europe, the island offers varying trails. Partly the roads are based on soft needle forest floors, but mostly on rocky ground. Have most of the mountain ranges so far been broadly private area, now the first Trail Park next to Paguera opened up.

Mallorca has generally always been a paradise for cycling. Offering serpentine roads for racing cyclists that are located in the flanks of the mountains and filigree asphalt braids, mountain bikers so far had to be very familiar with the area to find a suitable route. The majority of the land is private property. Everywhere protected with fences, barriers and fortresses backed wicker surfaces, landowners defend their territory quite aggressive. This have been a nuisance for the tourist industry for a long time. They have been searching quite long for an attraction for the off-seasons in Mallorca, where not much is mostly happening on the island. In addition, they considered the idea of ​​a trail park for mountain bikers as perfect.

In Paguera, a location near the island's capital, Palma, the trail park is located on the edge of the 290 meter high "Sa Bruta”. On the last house, the race course network begins. Beach, city and mountain merge that symbiotically in Paguera, not to compare to anywhere else. Riding the course the sublime landscape plus biking with ocean views is very impressive.

The good weather in Majorca is another big plus point for a cycling holiday in Mallorca. More than 300 sunny days speak for themselves. There are perfect biking conditions in spring, fall and winter. On, anyone interested can directly book her or his perfect bike vacation and receive all information about cycling on the island.