How to kite perfectly in the Wind? Kiteboarding made easy

Spring has arrived, at least in Europe. Therefore, many people now again go for the board. More precisely, we are talking about kiteboarding. Surfing on a kiteboard is not as easy as you could think. We provide you some advices to make the perfect boarding easier in the wind.

There is only one requirement to drive the kite through the wind window: wind. Once you have learned how to hold your body in the right way, you can learn how to deal with the wind at the first sailing day.

After you sail into the wind, you always steer away from the direction the wind blows. You have to pay attention to four aspects while you are sliding on the water: your weight distribution, your position, the board edge and the kitebar control.

Sailing into the wind is quite challenging. You cannot just drag the kite into a straight line to fly high, so away from the water. Kiting into the wind requires hard work from the surfer. You need to pull properly and keep the speed by working on the kite and on the edges of the board. Remember that the more the wind turns, the more you have to control the kite.

Here is a brief tutorial on how to start:

  • get your kite and put it into position
  • position your body weight evenly on the board
  • apply more pressure to the heel
  • slightly bend the knee, otherwise keep yourself upright
  • in case you want to speed up, use the kitebar or adjust the radius of the kite
  • the power of the kite can be controlled with the heel back pressure of the heel

Check the weather and wind forecasts before each trip and invite a few friends to get together. Have fun!