Modern Dance

One Style of Contemporary Dance - The Trend Towards Modern Dance

In many large cities, there are now dance schools offering modern dance. However, what is modern dance exactly? Is it a dance with time, or does it contains of classical dance elements? We keep ourselves busy with it.

Modern dance is considered an aesthetic distinction to ballet. It is a variant of stage dance, which has developed since about 1900. In the process, modern dance is understood as a synthesis of ballet and modern dance. The starting point is the movement technique of classical dance, in which easy to learn technique exercises are the basis for the movement patterns. In modern dance is also a lot of improvisation, whereat the expression of movement is branded individually with the involvement of different musical styles. Modern dance accesses spatial, rhythmic and dynamic aspects of the movement.

On a European level, one can trace back the style of dance to the student generation of Francois Delsarte. The famous choreographer Martha Graham sat down opposite the classical ballet and developed a fundamental openness in dance against the deadlocked movements of ballet. She could also be described as the most important founder of modern dance today. Even in the US Graham coined a number of successful choreographers in the development of modern dance. To mention here are choreographers such as Lester Horton, José Limón and Doris Humphrey. American dance companies such as the Dance Theatre of Harlem had many international successes that go back to Martha Graham Dance Company and toured the whole world.

There are many further developments in the now to be regarded classical modern dance: post-modern dance, new dance, dance theater, choreographic theater, choreographic opera, new dance, physical theater and many others. Even most recently found more and more Asian dance forms, martial arts techniques and body awareness techniques such as Butoh, Tai Chi, Capoeira or Yoga in modern dance its place.

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