Body Painting

When the Body becomes a Screen - Painting. Bodypainting.

When we hear about body painting (or in Spanish pintura corporal), we think it is something modern. But in truth bodypainting is as old as humanity itself. At that time, men and women wore paint on their bodies to show their status, their tribal affiliation or their age. In the West the art of body painting appeared in the 60s.

Although probably some of the most spectacular body paintings are mainly projected on naked bodies, this must necessarily not be that way. There are many styles of body painting such as facial or hand painting art. Unlike older or old traditions, bodypainting searches beauty either way by painting, or combinations of resources and work scenarios sometimes complete the artwork.

Currently there are some bodypainting festival with internationally renowned and world-famous artists. European bodypainting festivals include the festival in Seeboden and the World Bodypainting Festival in Portschach am Wörthersee, both in Austria, they both count to the biggest festivals.

When we talk about specific artists, here the German artist Gesine Marwedel and the Mexican Blanca Charolet are the best. An iconic image for body painting states the famous cover "Demi`s birthday suit" by the magazine "Vanity Fair". Demi Moore was painted a suit by the artist Joanne Gaire, which was shooted by the photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Marwedel`s work is certainly extraordinary. Body painting can transform the human body or an animal into beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. Sometimes it almost awakens the body, that was turned into a canvas, to life. There is no doubt: Bodypainting is a real art form.

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