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The Story behind Body Art - More than a Tradition: Body Art

For centuries, people want to change their bodies. The word "tattoo" comes from the Polynesian "tatau". It means "sign" and became known through the records of the British explorer James Cook (1728 - 1779). He marveled at the tattooed Polynesians Omai during a trip and brought him to England.

Nowadays, tattoos or other body jewelry are considered as "normal" in society. The body art expresses ones own individual personality. Thus, people differ and so the tattoo styles vary. "Realistic" shows realistic tattoos, which gained popularity in recent years. Usually family members, celebrities or even animals are tattooed realistically. "Old-School" motifs are worn by sailors. Typical for them are swallows, hearts or anchors. "Asia" tattos are modeled on the classic Asian motifs such as koi carps, tigers or dragons. "Biomechanics" shows the fusion of human and machine. "Tribal" tattoos are ornaments that can be inked in countless variations.

For the ones who do not want to use a needle airbrush tattoos are the solution. They are painless and look real. It is the ideal alternative for people who do not want a permanent tattoo. Many use an airbrush tattoo to get a feeling for a real tattoo. It is sprayed on by the help of an airbrush gun with a special body painting color.

Body modifications include piercings, implants and branding. Piercings are shooted at different areas of the body. "Dermal Anchor" is a special form of it. It is implanted under the skin and not engraved. Implants are implanted visible under the skin in the form of stars or balls. Decorative scars are cut into the skin by brandings.

Body art has a long history. It was always a sign of belonging or expression of individuality and it has cultural and religious backgrounds. Whether tattoos, piercings or brandings - there are many way and styles to beautify ones body. Most of it, however, is associated with pain and it remains permanently. Therefore, everyone should think twice.

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