Blackout Tattoos

Tattootrends 2017 - Everything on Black - Full Body Blackout Tattoos

They are black, large-area and can spread over the entire body: Full Body Blackout Tattoos. This new tattooing trend puts everything on black - and should be well thought-out. They currently causing a sensation among the Hashtags #onlyblacktattoos and #blackouttattoos.

Once a fill-in, nowadays an amazing black tattoo trend
He is perhaps its best model when it comes to presenting this trend: Chester Lee. Thus, his full arm, the neck and one face side of the owner of the well-known studio "Oracle Tattoo Shop" are pretty much influenced by the Full Body Blackout tattoo trend. Even in front of his eyeballs, the tattoo needle did not stop. Chester Lee is considered the father of the black tattoo trend, which goes under the skin just by watching. The way to the tattoo artist and the handle of the needle will definitely need to be thought about in a careful way. The body is covered over and over with black large-area motifs in the full-body blackout tattoo trend.

Originally, this was a means to an end, if one wanted to cover old tattoos. From the emergency, a trend evolved. However, it is not the only one. Those who are currently looking for motifs that go under the skin, probably come across the Geometric Tattoo- and Mandala Trend that is also in vogue nowadays.

They are also large, the geometrical tattoos. With individual triangles or complex combinations of geometric shapes, individual structures and artworks are created on the skin. The advantage here is that the larger the area, the more creative and versatile the tattoos can be. However, instead of black, colours in the aquarelle style are used. Not only the selection of the desired motif should be considered well. The choice of a suitable tattooist is also essential in the context of this geometric trend. Even a single uncarefully designed line can literally bog down the work of art.

If you would like to immortalize childhood memories in the form of the classic black tattoos on your skin, you may also consider Mandala tattoos. They bring henna paintings to mind, offering plenty of room for religious and meditative symbolism. Circular motifs, animals and floral elements then characterize the skin in the sense of endlessness and solidity. Moreover, even if this trend was over and the tattoo should have fallen out of time, there might still be the option of Full Body Blackout Tattoos.

Blackout Tattoos