Perfect Photos

Your perfect Photo Appearance - How you draw Attention to you

Due to smartphones photos become indispensable in our daily lives. Even the good old digital camera is a must for every holiday. Unfortunately, we delete the majority of these photos since we don´t like us on them. Time for a few tricks on how to show oneself at one´s personal best in photos.

Group photos
Do not be closer than any other in front of the camera since you´d not only appear bigger but also somehow plumper. Position yourself half a step further back on the next photo and you already appear optically smaller.

Self-confident appearance
We oftentimes become unsure as soon as a camera is pointed at us. There is no reason! With a strong position on the ground your whole body appears safer and your charisma will fundamentally improve on this shoot.

Your photogenic side
We usually like one side better. This one should be placed on photos to the fore. Simply look at photos and decide on which of your two face halves look best and turn your head during the next "bird" time targeted in this direction.

A tribute to the bird's eye view
In portrait shots the worm's-eye view conjures up a double chin where there is none. Then maybe the bird's eye view! This not only stretches the body visually - it also diminish the contours through the slight top view. Thus, the entire face looks more balanced.

Keep smiling
A natural smile gives expression and authenticity. But easier said than done. However, there are tricks that raise a smile from everyone.

Tips for Kids: It is often enough when children are allowed to take their beloved stuffed animal onto the photograph. If the parents are also on the picture, it helps to tickle even the little ones. This way one coaxes them a natural smile.

Tips for Adults: Everyone knows it – as soon as the camera is pointed at oneself one tends to appear a bit stiff and embarrassed. It helps, for example, if you´d ask the model to poke her or his tongue out. After doing so, most people laugh naturally. Even music can help to create a relaxed atmosphere.

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