What is Karma? The cosmic Principle of Cause and Effect!

Having a “good karma” is often heard. Karma literally means "action", "operation". So the law of karma refers to the law of action, but also the consequences of certain actions. We drill down on the meaning of Karma.

Karma says that everything we do now, creates a certain consequence that falls back on us. Similarly, everything that is happening to us now, had a specific reason, we have eventually caused it ourselves. Here it is assumed that man has a free will. The Karma philosophy for example claims, that everyone has a goal that should be reached. This is self-realization. Through the reincarnation man is born again as long, until she or he learned all the lessons to his destination. Some Karmas are defined here, some are not. At this man has certain liberties, how to react to certain events. For example, a car accident may be determined in advance. It lies in the freedom of men, how she or he reacts and what she or he will do after it.

The laws of karma are very complex. Karma rewards and punishes the people not only of past actions. It's not that if you are suffering in this life, you have done something bad in your previous life - and vice versa. Rather, a deeper meaning lies behind it: Fate provides lessons to the people that help them to develop further. You can consider each destiny as an opportunity by which man grows with her or his tasks, which are provided by her or his karma.

There are five overarching laws of karma, describing various cause-effect relationships. They show how you generate new karma with your thoughts and actions.

Direct karma laws are the laws of nature, laws of health, principles of interpersonal communication or inner psychological regularities. The karma laws of thought power are forces that can impact the physical world. The karma laws of compensation power can be described via this wisdom: "Don't do unto others what you would not have done unto you." The karma law of evolution sees life as a school in which one learns what it takes to grow spiritually. And finally, the karma law of the grace of God, highlights that not everything is explained logically. The universe remains a mystery, and behind all is the grace of God.