A Chilean Condor conquers the World - The Cartoonist Pepo his Condorito

In South America, everybody knows him: The Chilean cartoon character Condorito. Invented and drawn by the famous cartoonist René Rios Boettinger in 1949, called Pepo. Condorito accompanied generations of children in South America. For all who do not know this anthropomorphic condor - we will introduce you the comic.

In South America Condorito is a part of the general folk culture. Already more than 50 years ago created by the artist Pepo, the condor accompanied the lives of people in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia. Moreover, even in the US Condorito is always read more.

Condorito lives in the imaginary city "Pelotillehue". Here usually the stories happen, in which one can also laugh in case the fate means it not that well. This typical Chilean characteristic has made the likeable bird so popular throughout South America.

The basic structure of the Condorito comic books is very simple: Each page includes an independent joke - sometimes bigger, sometimes little. The jokes are often sexist or marked by male chauvinism. Most of the humour is kept ambiguous, which children usually do not yet understand. However, the comic, especially with the little ones, is very popular. The stories usually end with someone dropping an onomatopoeic "¡PLOP!" while passing out.

In his character, Condorito is careless and undemanding. Nevertheless, it is also said it has kindness, loyalty and ingenuity. The bird is a kind of anti-hero who solves its problems with its wit. Where Condorito actually comes from lays widely in the dark. In a comic strip, it was once said that its Condor father threw him it of its nest in the Andes. Condorito then grew up among people, earning his anthropomorphic characteristics. For this reason, its appearance rather comes close to a normal dude in its human life.

The condor has many friends in its comic strips. "Yayita" for example, is Condorito`s eternal bride. On the other hand "Don Chuma", its best and most faithful friend who always has a cigarette in his mouth and works as a carpenter. "Washington" (a dog), "Mandible" (a horse) and "Matìas" (a parrot) are Condorito`s pets. Washington in some comic strips can even talk. In addition, even if Condorito sometimes sells its pets, in the end they always come back.