Cartoonists love Donald Trump

A World where bad News mean good News

As a caricaturist, it is daily business to pass criticism on concerning the latest news. Good news rarely provide a good impression. Already the mud slaughter around the election campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump offered many options for the artists worldwide. Now Donald Trump has been elected President - and the cartoonists will have to deal with this issue in-depth the next few years. Here an excerpt in view of the best Trump cartoons so far.

One of the scandals surrounding Donald Trump in the election campaign was the video in which he boasted that, as a famous personality, he would be allowed to take a woman unquestionably into the private parts. Sean Delonas, a polarizing cartoonist of the New York Post, drew this sexual assault as if this provocation were as common as a handshake.

For many cartoonists, Trump really looks like a comic figure. Eoin Kelleher drew him as a "Trumpkin" - a man like a pumpkin, outside orange and hollow inside.

Some artists saw in Trump especially the racist, who does not take care to “Make America great again", but rather to make it white again. The political cartoonist Chris Riddell summarized this in a bitterly evil cartoon by saying, "I'm going to make America white again" and in the bottom right of the picture, several arms raised to Hitler salute.

It is no secret that in the US now also applies: the right is the new left. The white past of the country is glorified by Trump, while globalization is talked down. The "establishment", to which the Clintons belong in his opinion, destroyed the world as it is today. Therefore, there are caricaturists like Ben Garrison, who are followers of Trump and represent him as a knight in shining armor accordingly.

The factional tension in between the Republicans was also a very popular motif. This is how Matt Wuerker, cartoonist and illustrator of the magazine "POLITICO" got to the point by drawing a Republican elephant in the Trump labyrinth.

As you can see, there have already been exciting cartoons diving down on current political events in the US. Luckily, humor helps us at least a little bit to bear all the stupidity and horror of the world.

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