Hardcore Percussion made in Germany

artist ritual interviewed exciting artists on the Carnival of Cultures 2016 in Berlin. There was one band named Bando that are not only percussion artists, but also a registered association in youth work. Bando plays music that was especially composed for Bando. An interview with Sabine and Till, co-founders of the hardcore percussion group.

artist ritual: Who is Bando? Please introduce yourself.
Till: We are a percussion group. We make musical youth work. We exist as a band, so to speak since 1997. We founded the club in 1998. We always have new groups that we trail. That means we repeatedly recruit younger students from the Kurt Schwitters School/Prenzlauer Berg. Sabine works as a music teacher and brought the club into being by the help of Stefan and Dimitrij. We then came to the big stages with the Carnival, we participated in music contests and flew to Morocco, have played the drums for the king of Morocco. In Syria, we had already drummed before the civil war began. On the other hand, we were in Russian we were in France. Therefore, we yet get around with the music. Moreover, this always with our young people.
Sabine: Actually Bando is also a group of friends who all want to make music together with the goal to get out of the basement, to travel and to arrive at the big stages around the world and experience something. It has actually become a very nice circle of friends. There is nothing static, but it is changing repeatedly a little bit. We ongoing trail the little ones, because even now and then people leave.

artist ritual: How often do you rehearse?
Till: There are indeed several groups, so each group rehearses at least once a week.
Sabine: And the nines and tens have two rehearsals, one at school and one about the association.

artist ritual: Does Bando play musical pieces exclusively and specifically composed for the band? How does the creative process happen?
Sabine: well, Stefan Dohanetz composes the tracks. He is a great musician and drummer. He has played in the GDR in the band Pankow and nowadays plays with Wenzel und Band. He also produces theatre music at the Ramba Zamba in the Kulturbrauerei and runs the music school TonArt. Stefan has actually always been first percussionist and some time he begun to compose musical pieces for us. This is quite a long time ago, so 19 years ago. When we started, we did not want drum African, Samba or something. This was available everywhere. We used it as a means to an end, because it is indeed beautiful music. However, we simply wanted to create our own thing. So, at the beginning we thought: "We did invent playing drums on oil barrels", and I went to Dussmann and was looking for musical pieces that we somehow initially can steal or so. Then we came across it realizing that this is always available too, nearly in perfection, by Le Tambour du Bronx, a crew from the Massif Central in France. First, we were all depressed a bit, but on the other hand, we then thought, that we could also first get to hear a little bit. Therefore, that has then begun. Little by little, we were able to convince Stefan that it makes sense to compose exclusively for us.

artist ritual: Since when do you participate at the Carnival here and what is the special spirit of the feast for you?
Till: We are here since 1999. We already drummed here at Eurasia-stage at that time and had a car, so to say. We simply moved the drums in front of us, and one block ploughed in the caravan.
Sabine: Yes, because we always had to roll and had to play when we stop. Then the parade already arrived elsewhere.
Till: Yes, on the Carnival, at the street party or when moving, we always perceived total euphoria coming from the audience. Just today, I talked to one of us mentioning, that this is actually the coolest gig throughout the year, because the audience here is just so free and cool and easy. Everyone wants to celebrate. That is very great!
Sabine: We very much look forward to the concert today! We are just a lot more people than actually can play today. That is always a bit bitter in case not everyone can join entering the stage. Yes, and then there is the parade on Sunday. Because we are already together for so long, quite a lot of people know us. Then they wait next to the parade saying, "Oh, how nice that you participate again! We've been waiting for you", or they ask questions. This is always nice.

artist ritual: What are your plans for the future? What are the next projects?
Till: To get out! Intercontinental gigs. We now want to finish some cool live videos presenting us. We want to return to Africa, we want to go to South America.

artist ritual: Good luck!


Sabine believes that the good is in man and considers evil as something we should try to countersteer. Till earlier wanted to become a musician, Sabine famous. It is still the same today. Moreover Till wants to see more of the world. Their favourite activity is making music and teaching. Till prefers to spend time in his garden, while Sabine´s preferred place is her home. When asked what their contribution is to make the world a little better they answered: “Uniting people through music bringing them to a common denominator"

These were very nice closing words, we wish Bando all the best and good luck.